Bidding at auction can be intimidating, confusing, stressful and emotionally devastating if you miss out or overpay for your property.  We ensure you are well prepared prior to auction, have a bidding strategy and now your maximum purchase price.

Prior to auction

Consultation with you to ensure you’re ready for auction day.  Have you:

  • Carried out a building and pest inspection?
  • Has a solicitor or conveyancer reviewed the contract of sale?
  • Are you aware of any special conditions?
  • Do you know how much deposit you need and do you have it ready, or, would you like it reduced?
  • Are you aware of the settlement period? Do you need it to be shortened or lengthened?
  • Do you have funds available for the purchase or do you have a loan pre-approval?
  • Do you have a bidding strategy for auction day?
  • Do you know what your maximum purchase price is?
  • Do you require pre-auction offers to be made?

We’re here to assist in any way we can including liaising with your mortgage broker, conveyancer or solicitor to ensure you are fully informed and if any changes to the contract for sale are required these are carried out prior to auction.

Auction time

Having a strategic bidding plan in place we bid on your behalf. Being experienced in auctions we know how to read the body language of other bidders and have a clear understanding of how auctioneers and real estate agents carry out auctions.

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